Mar. 4th, 2010 11:40 am
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This was a matter of some discussion the other night, along with EVERYTHING else, and seemed to really be worth sharing.

Lose with some grace. Seriously people, this is important. We all have bad days. We all come up against a new or different kinds of fights. We all plateau when we're learning something new, or working on something different. All of us, from Don Uber Badass to Joe Schmoe cannon fodder. Try to regard it as a learning experience. Try to get better from it.

Most people who are competitive at all seem to fall into one of several categories on this; they either shift the blame to something else, or bury themselves in their own faults. Neither is terribly productive.

Everybody has room to improve, room to grow and get better. You will have days when you just get dominated, in fencing or in business or in relationships or what have you. You can't wallow in your own short comings, but you have to accept responsibility as well.

Be reasonable. Look at the situation. What was causing you to fall behind? What can you do to improve? Examine the conditions you 'can' change and not the ones you cant. My knees suck. They just do. I haven't been nice to them and they remind me of it from time to time. My neck is sore, my back is sore. These may all be very true, they are also very much excuses.

In fencing as in life. Accept responsibility for your actions, or in-actions. Focus on the things you can change, and do your best to accept with understanding the things you can't. Observe the whole battle field not just you're individual place in it. Do these things and, more often than not, you will find yourself rising rather than falling.


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