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Doing a little catching up; since I'm just sitting around being all sore and irritable anyway, I figure 'eh what the hell?' In short I've been away because I've been terribly busy and that's just life. Aside from a few minor irritations, like being rear-ended yesterday and ending up with a sore neck and back, everything has been clicking right along. Most of life has been devoured by work, with school coming in a close second.

Like all things with me these days, my petition for my associates degree got fudged up and then it got lost by the school so I had to do it again. At least in theory this time I'll be actually receiving the degree in May at the latest. Then there was a huge mix up with UMBC while waiting for my transcripts from SC, which took 6 months thank you very much, which is now resulting in my having to submit ANOTHER UMBC application even though I have been accepted and have my admit packet and everything. *huff* In the mean time of waiting for that to pan out I started taking classes at UMUC, the University of Maryland's extension college, so that I could get some stuff knocked out like technical writing and other such stuff. Now it seems that UMUC and UMBC have worked out some kind of crazy deal where I could potentially have my B.S. at UC finished up by the spring of next year, and roll straight into the M.S. program at BC. After 5 years of school to get an associates I will be able to finish a B.S. in 18 months and a M.S. is another 18. That's just mind blowing to me. The logos to the right are all of the schools that I have attended 'before' I've received my first associates degree :-D

Work is moving right along and given the proper rotation of the earth over the next few weeks could turn into a new position, but that will have to wait and see.

From the land of annoying and obnoxious, Verizon and 'ACE Hardware and Hearth' can both go away and die horrible corporate deaths for being terrible and icky. The I got rear ended Saturday which was crappy. I think the car will survive with no major concerns, and the guy who hit me was 100% awesome about it. Immediately claimed responsibility and had insurance and other information in hand right away. I was blown away because most people in those situations go right to the defensive. He ended up getting the front of his car frame stuck on my bumper so I just towed him off the road while the cops laughed. When all was said and done we shook hands wished each other a better day and I went to get a beer ;) Crazy days.

The house is.... the house.. is.. The House Was, built in 1930. It is a 90 year old structure and tends to behave like one most of the time. If we can manage to get some real world issues sorted out we're also looking at putting a 500sf addition on which will be all kinds of glamourous and exciting. Two bathrooms? In one house? Nobody can live at that speed!

Kade, Loquacious and Mothra are all doing well. Kade is sewing things and playing with dolls and creating a craft haven out of the spare room (!HA! "spare room" *snicker*), Loquacious is well that-thing, Mothra has an exciting newly decorated tank where he can pull his little turtle self up out and bask in the heat lamps so he seems happy. So we're all doing pretty well on all of those fronts.

Taxes are done before march for, quite possibly, my first time ever and WOW that married single head of household thing with the mortgage and the school ... nice!

Well that's the update, you are now all informed. If we can get the mosquitos under control this year there will be fencing and fire at our place so if you're interested in such things just keep a look out.

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