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"if you come a-caroling to my house, you're going to get yanked inside, strapped to a bed of pine trees, and force-fed a gallon of hot wassail while I recite the screenplay to IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. We'll laugh and laugh and scream and you'll be so bursting with Christmas cheer you'll beg me to scamper off and find a linoleum knife. "You've got to help me share all this Christmas cheer with the rest of the world!" you'll gurgle. Then I'm going to cut you open and make entrail angels all over the floor!" Intestine angles for all the good little girls and boys. Bring on the holiday spirit beeotch, you got 'nothin.

I've re-discovered Blutengel, gettin my techno on. oh yeah.

So-Co 100-proof will Jackie Chan your pansey butt.

your anime moment for the evening is: "STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!" -GoldenBoy

Random thought: when the lights fade away and no answer comes to your pleas, will your company with your self be enough to soothe the aching soul? When you cry out to the drape of sable will you find id or ego? Soon enough you'll find the stars have gone out around you in your aragance. the fire will subside or be snuffed with no fuel left to kindle it and only the crackling sound of dying ashes accompanied by her leige send of sulpher and coal dust, will remain to waive you good night. the shades are pulling closed, and you realize you have no allies in this. will you be happy with your company of eternity? will you settle on reflection and development? or will you sob into the blankness for that false reality you held onto so tightly?
good night.


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