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Today I learned that a 'melchior' is a defined size of wine bottle. It is not, however, any old wine bottle. A Melchior holds 18 liters or 24 standard bottles (4.75 US Gallons).

Fan-tastic! :-D

geek fail

Apr. 28th, 2010 09:46 am
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last night, by quick glance; I mistook assembly for css.... my kung was lacking fu. very sad.
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Endangered Species Condoms: Get freaky, endangered style.....

Seriously, there is nothing else that needs to be added to that :-D
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oinky noms....

belly moos

magic om noms.....


Mar. 25th, 2010 03:40 pm
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Alien VS Pooh.

... on so many levels.
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First off, time to cull the herd again. Everybody has a right to play, but not everybody has the privilege to play with me :-) If you've been blocked/punted/dropped/unfriended or whatever lj is calling it these days and it deeply offends your sensibilities just let me know.

Today has been pretty much a bust. Everybody is being all whiny and obnoxious, and it's really getting on my nerves. Work has mired me in corporate bureaucratic hell. School is being dumb, and I think my caffeine intake my actually be affecting my ability to focus.

Damn it! now "I'm" being all whiny. Oh well back to work.
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If I go my entire SCA life without hearing this or "Born on the list field" again, that would be just fine but in honor of St. Patrick's Day I give you

Old Dunn Cow

Some friends and I in a public house
Was playing a game of chance one night
When into the room the barman ran
His face all a chalky white
"What's up", says Brown, "Have you seen a ghost
Or have you seen your Aunt Mariah?"
"Me Aunt Mariah be buggered!", says he
"The bleedin' pub's on fire!"

// chorus -----VV
And there was Brown upside down
Lappin' up the whiskey on the floor
"Booze, booze!" The firemen cried
As they came knockin' on the door (clap clap)
Oh don't let 'em in till it's all drunk up
And somebody shouted MacIntyre! MACINTYRE!
And we all got blue-blind paralytic drunk
When the Old Dun Cow caught fire
// chorus -----^^

"Oh well," says Brown, "What a bit of luck
Everybody follow me
And it's down to the cellar
If the fire's not there
Then we'll have a grand old spree"
So we went on down after good old Brown
The booze we could not miss
And we hadn't been there ten minutes or more
Till we were all quite pissed

// chorus -----

Then, Smith walked over to the port wine tub
And gave it just a few hard knocks (clap clap)
Started takin' off his pantaloons
Likewise his shoes and socks
"Hold on," says Brown, "that ain't allowed
Ya cannot do that thing here
Don't go washin' trotters in the port wine tub
When we got this Guinness beer"

// chorus -----

Then there came from the old back door
The Vicar of the local church
And when he saw our drunken ways
He began to scream and curse
"Ah, you drunken sods! You heathen clods!
You've taken to a drunken spree!
You drank up all the Benedictine wine
And you didn't save a drop for me!"

// chorus -----

And then there came a mighty crash
Half the bloody roof caved in
We were almost drowned in the firemen's hose
But still we were gonna stay
So we got some tacks and some old wet sacks
And we bunged ourselves inside
And we sat drinking the finest Rum
Till we were bleary-eyed

// chorus -----

Later that night, when the fire was out
We came up from the cellar below
Our pub was burned, our booze was drunk
Our heads was hanging low
"Oh look", says Brown with a look quite queer
Seems something raised his ire
"Now we gotta get down to Murphy's Pub
It closes on the hour!"

Ahhh DC

Mar. 11th, 2010 07:49 pm
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tomorrow night at Bound ( ) Black Tape for a Blue Girl is playing. Cover is $15 and it looks like it's going to be a pretty good show. I'm not going to be able to make it but I thought that maybe some of you would be interested. Be aware: bound is a "Fetish Dance Party", you have been warned.


Mar. 4th, 2010 11:40 am
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This was a matter of some discussion the other night, along with EVERYTHING else, and seemed to really be worth sharing.

Lose with some grace. Seriously people, this is important. We all have bad days. We all come up against a new or different kinds of fights. We all plateau when we're learning something new, or working on something different. All of us, from Don Uber Badass to Joe Schmoe cannon fodder. Try to regard it as a learning experience. Try to get better from it.

Most people who are competitive at all seem to fall into one of several categories on this; they either shift the blame to something else, or bury themselves in their own faults. Neither is terribly productive.

Everybody has room to improve, room to grow and get better. You will have days when you just get dominated, in fencing or in business or in relationships or what have you. You can't wallow in your own short comings, but you have to accept responsibility as well.

Be reasonable. Look at the situation. What was causing you to fall behind? What can you do to improve? Examine the conditions you 'can' change and not the ones you cant. My knees suck. They just do. I haven't been nice to them and they remind me of it from time to time. My neck is sore, my back is sore. These may all be very true, they are also very much excuses.

In fencing as in life. Accept responsibility for your actions, or in-actions. Focus on the things you can change, and do your best to accept with understanding the things you can't. Observe the whole battle field not just you're individual place in it. Do these things and, more often than not, you will find yourself rising rather than falling.
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Doing a little catching up; since I'm just sitting around being all sore and irritable anyway, I figure 'eh what the hell?' In short I've been away because I've been terribly busy and that's just life. Aside from a few minor irritations, like being rear-ended yesterday and ending up with a sore neck and back, everything has been clicking right along. Most of life has been devoured by work, with school coming in a close second.

Like all things with me these days, my petition for my associates degree got fudged up and then it got lost by the school so I had to do it again. At least in theory this time I'll be actually receiving the degree in May at the latest. Then there was a huge mix up with UMBC while waiting for my transcripts from SC, which took 6 months thank you very much, which is now resulting in my having to submit ANOTHER UMBC application even though I have been accepted and have my admit packet and everything. *huff* In the mean time of waiting for that to pan out I started taking classes at UMUC, the University of Maryland's extension college, so that I could get some stuff knocked out like technical writing and other such stuff. Now it seems that UMUC and UMBC have worked out some kind of crazy deal where I could potentially have my B.S. at UC finished up by the spring of next year, and roll straight into the M.S. program at BC. After 5 years of school to get an associates I will be able to finish a B.S. in 18 months and a M.S. is another 18. That's just mind blowing to me. The logos to the right are all of the schools that I have attended 'before' I've received my first associates degree :-D

Work is moving right along and given the proper rotation of the earth over the next few weeks could turn into a new position, but that will have to wait and see.

From the land of annoying and obnoxious, Verizon and 'ACE Hardware and Hearth' can both go away and die horrible corporate deaths for being terrible and icky. The I got rear ended Saturday which was crappy. I think the car will survive with no major concerns, and the guy who hit me was 100% awesome about it. Immediately claimed responsibility and had insurance and other information in hand right away. I was blown away because most people in those situations go right to the defensive. He ended up getting the front of his car frame stuck on my bumper so I just towed him off the road while the cops laughed. When all was said and done we shook hands wished each other a better day and I went to get a beer ;) Crazy days.

The house is.... the house.. is.. The House Was, built in 1930. It is a 90 year old structure and tends to behave like one most of the time. If we can manage to get some real world issues sorted out we're also looking at putting a 500sf addition on which will be all kinds of glamourous and exciting. Two bathrooms? In one house? Nobody can live at that speed!

Kade, Loquacious and Mothra are all doing well. Kade is sewing things and playing with dolls and creating a craft haven out of the spare room (!HA! "spare room" *snicker*), Loquacious is well that-thing, Mothra has an exciting newly decorated tank where he can pull his little turtle self up out and bask in the heat lamps so he seems happy. So we're all doing pretty well on all of those fronts.

Taxes are done before march for, quite possibly, my first time ever and WOW that married single head of household thing with the mortgage and the school ... nice!

Well that's the update, you are now all informed. If we can get the mosquitos under control this year there will be fencing and fire at our place so if you're interested in such things just keep a look out.

Remember, always wear protection [mild nsfw] )
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Since the various "Snowpocolypse" and "Snowmagedion" and "Snowtorious BIG" occurrences have kept use away from practice recently last night was the first fencing practice of any notable size in a while. Smaller than usual but in many ways I feel far more effective. "Why is that?" you say. Well, we'll get to that.

How many of us did any training over the winter, show of hands. Nobody? well don't feel bad, I've been right there out of it with you. So as we start to pull our selves out of our winter caves and back into the salle, I've noticed a few things that are pretty consistently 'rusted up' by a long lapse in fencing, such as winter.

Foot work. *groan* oh my word, does foot work look bad after a few weeks/months off. Why is this and what can you do? Well aside from being out of specific practice, most people tend to be less in shape after a break than when the have been fencing twice a week. So working out and staying in shape (pear is a shape, but not the one you're after) certainly helps. Let's just assume, *cough* you haven't been keeping up at the gym. !STRETCH! try to do a really good thorough stretch the day before practice or at least a few minutes before you start actually fencing. This will really help you to move better, to fight better, and to not get hurt.

Blade Work OK this one is an up and a down. People tend to go for the much faster, flashy, blade work and do OK with that since they are running on 90% instinct, but completely fail at the basics. Stay tight, 3 point line, maintain aggression of the point.

One final thing that I'll mention. legs. Why don't people defend their legs at all. ever. *headdesk* it's a valid target people. 2,5 and 8 folks, Seconde Quinte and Octave. If you need a refresher -> ( ).

So back to the original statement. Why is the smaller practice better? I think that you get more from a good small group than a large one because you get the change to work with everybody. Not only that you have the time to actually do some drills and not feel like you're missing out on the stabbing. Fencing drills are important learning tools and they really do make you better, do drills.

Finally, you don't get saturated at a smaller practice. Usually. There are the few odd practices where you only have 5 people and they "ALL" want to be the "teacher" and they all want to do things "My" way. A very common complaint among newer fencers, in particular, is that there are so many people trying to teach them to do things so many different ways. At a more condensed practice those people have a greater probability of receiving a less fractured message.

Until next time,
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I'm waiting for my teacher to get back to me on something, and wandering the interwebs, and I can't shake the notion... I _REALLY_ want to go to Gulf Wars now. I am so ready to get knee deep in some ass kicking. Who are we fighting for this year anyway? I miss GW. :(

OK teach, I've given you an hour on your 30 minutes... WTF! Kids these days....

HEAT ~ !

Jan. 25th, 2010 05:02 pm
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So we have a stove now to get it in the house. ick. Anybody up our way interested in earning a booze for your back ache would be found most welcome :-)

all that aside, we will have heat again! This make me happy. *grin*

Finally , just cuz it's awesome.
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Still no real post as I have a whole bunch of life happening, most of it pretty good, but still haven't thought to sit down and communicate with the outside world.

a few small points of interest

  • Have moved on to University (w00t go me!) UMUC :-P

  • Grauwulf has acquired Con ticket .... I win at awesome!

  • wait .... WHAT?

that's all for now folks

Until Next Time!
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Ahh that lovely time of year when everybody forgets about fencing and focuses all of their energy on stuffing their face and lazing about in food comas. Joy. What I want for Christmas is to stab people in their face. A lot. An advent calendar of fencing and joy.

The holiday slump is hard for a lot of people, so how to keep your edge through the holiday system? Here are 3 things that can really keep you ready to go for when the season comes back.

  1. Obviously drilling will help, so if you actually remember to do that (you wont :) then you are an awesome ninja of epic legend quality.

  2. Think about fencing. Ok this one is a bit more reasonable, and it sounds like a bit of a jip but it really does help. think about the fight, think about what you will / would do and how. think about the motions. Play it out; work through in your brain, a perfect perry. A perfect lunge. A well placed shot.

  3. Exercise. So we had the ends of the spectrum there now we'll shoot for the middle. Over the holidays try to keep in shape. Stay healthy. do some pushups. do some pull ups. STRETCH. Keep your body in fencing condition. It makes all the difference when you get back to it.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 11:00 AM

... is that aggression is not always the key, it is just another useful tool. It is not uncommon for fighters to go through a period of fencing where everything is aggressive and very high energy. Pure explosiveness on the field will give you a shot against just about anybody, once. Even with better fencers, you might get away with it a few times. For the average joe shemoe you will probably take about 45-55%, which is pretty good, and the primary reason that so many people get stuck in this 'stage'.
"It's working on 50-60% of everybody and I occasionally get a WhiteScarf, why would I change?" and there are two related answers. #1 you need to improve because the longer you ride that one trick pony, the more likely it is that people will figure you out completely then your game is _dead_. #2 if you never train, never get any better than you are, you'll never _BE_ any better than you are. Is your goal to be a Maybe +/-60% fighter, or a solid 80-90% fighter?

You can ride aggression a long way, but 0-60% is all you're ever going to get.

(P.S. : really aggressive fighters tend to have HORRIBLE form; which when they do decide to finally upgrade they have to re-train. A process that sucks. If you have time to do it twice, why not do it right the first time?)
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 01:32 PM Fencing Talk

Recently I attended a practice where somebody was trying to run a foot work drill.

Mel says "AWESOME"!

The drill was pretty shoddily run, but that happens.

Mel says "GOOD EFFORT"!

The drill finished without errors being corrected or even addressed. People stumbled and bumbled and tipped and tilted and it was not enforced to and how to do the motions correctly.

... Rant v9 activated ...

Question time with Mel!
"Why are drills valuable? Why do we do them?"

Correct answer: "We drill to reinforce the proper way to perform actions, through repetition, so that in practice the correct actions are more easily executed."


:: reaches for a paper bag :: hyperventilate :: breath ::

... Rant deactivated ...

OK so now that that is over with I encourage you all to take a moment when you're doing a drill. Ask yourself "Am I doing this right?" "Am I balanced?" "Is this a clean action?" Don't learn it wrong if you can possibly avoid it. Mel's Rules of fencing #10 is "Teach it right, and they will learn it right." because it is of absolute importance to the future quality of your fencing that you learn it right the "first" time. Otherwise you will have to "un-learn" and then "re-learn". If you have time to do it twice, you have time to do it right the first time.
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Friday, September 25, 2009, 08:54 PM

Nobody is exactly the same as you for any given fight, but within the realm of reason there is a margin of variance where really the differences are insignificant. As Dante would say, "you might as well flip a coin." So what is the difference between the victor and the victim in such fights?

Will is a very important part of the psychology of combat.

Professional athletes will often call it "heart".

When all things are equal sometimes you have to look beyond your technical training to get the edge you need to survive. It's not "blood lust" because it's controlled. It's not anger because it not emotional. You don't 'Rhino', cheat or otherwise play foul because that defeats the value of the victory. You simply decide that you will control the fight. You set in motion a sequence of events that is of your design not because you are "better" but because you seize all initiative.

When all things are equal; sometimes you just have to know that you can win and you will win because the will is just as sharp a weapon as your sword and if used effectively, even more deadly.
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